Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A New Look

Welcome to Tesoro Del Alma online! If this is your first time visiting, be sure you have some time to visit and share in our excitement over the Tesoro Del Alma treasure. You are about to learn about a true treasure story which gets more exciting every day.

You may be asking the obvious questions - is this real? If so, is this more than a handful of old coins? The answer to both is an emphatic "Yes!" The magnitude of the Tesoro Del Alma treasure trove in absolutely unparalleled in history, and soon may be fully recovered after decades of research, searching, and going through the legal hoops necessary to recover the treasure correctly. No legal precedent existed for much of this project, and the recovery team has spent years working with a Washington D.C. federal judge to do things correctly.

Our new site represents the turning of a new leaf in a story that reaches back over 300 years, to the time when the Spanish Conquistadores controlled much of the trading and commerce that took place in the southwestern United States. For more information, please read about the story here.

Keep visiting, new developments are rapidly approaching, along with the addition of exciting content proving the existence of a large cache of gold and silver buried in caverns in the Caballo Mountains, known as the Tesoro Del Alma treasure!