Saturday, May 27, 2017

5/27/2017 Dennis E Evanson

It has come to the attention of  the Board of Directors of Tesoro Del Alma Inc. that Dennis E Evanson of Colorado Springs, Colorado is telling people that he is taking over Tesoro Del Alma, Inc., the mining claims, mining permits.  Mr. Evanson fails to realize that Tesoro Del Alma, Inc. is a privately held corporation and he is no where mentioned as a member of the Board. 100% of the stock is controlled by one person and that person is not Dennis E Evanson.

Tesoro Del Alma, Inc., is a corporation in good standing in Montana and a foreign corporation in the State of New Mexico in good standing as well.  So unless Dennis E Evanson can show that he has the permission of the Board of Directors to move forward on behalf of Tesoro Del Alma, Inc., he is just blowing smoke and has no authority to do anything on behalf of Tesoro Del Alma, Inc. and any such move would be met with the proper legal force to protect the rights of Tesoro Del Alma, Inc.

The Board of Directors