Sunday, June 11, 2017

Reveived a phone call from the State of New Mexico

We got a phone call from the State of New Mexico Mining and Minerals Division and they stated that Dennis E Evanson made the statement Mr. Fleming was no longer in the picture and that Dennis E Evanson was going to take over the mining claims and the mining permits that currently held by Tesoro Del Alma Inc.
Our understanding is that he also informed the BLM as well. But the only problem as we have stated before Dennis E Evanson has nothing to do with Tesoro Del Alma Inc or its mining claims, permits, all bonds have been paid by Tesoro Del Alma Inc. Dennis E Evanson claimed to be an investment banker that turned out not to be licensed.
We have cease and desisted Dennis E Evanson months ago and it has not been lifted as of this date and still in effect.
The Board of Tesoro Del Alma Inc.